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With our innovative & flexible, hybrid model of outsourced, experienced, commercial directors. Everything you’d expect from a full-time employee.

Looking for value generation for their business, most sales consulting and marketing agencies would propose the following to clients:

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Hire Full-time

Probably your inclination, it’s traditional, socially conditioned and the typical way of operating we’ve come to accept in the UK.

Group 49
Use an Agency/Intermediary

Been around for a long time, solve one challenge... the success of the relationship relies on you 

Group 50
Hire a Traditional Sales Consultant

Strategy only and many pretty pictures at a price point not suited to our target audience…the day of the traditional consultant is gone.

Facets is the hybrid solution to all three

Our team comprises of commercial directors with extensive UK experience working within sales technology, digital biz dev, marketing performance and talent who consistently deliver transformational results for our partners - within areas such as agencies, startups and technology focused businesses.

revolutionising the market

How Facets adds value to your business

We know that no one partner is the same, so our model is designed for a bespoke commercial strategy and delivery across sales, partnerships, marketing and client development.

With our research to revenue model, and a team of experienced commercial directors working part time for each partner, we form revenue generating commercial operations holistically across sales, business development and marketing that deliver business growth, efficiency and sales performance.

We believe you don’t need full time employees; you need more than appointment setting and much more than just strategy.

Facets are the new way to grow your business in the UK. Our multi-channel performance, experience driven consulting, holistic commercial strategy is delivering huge value generation in sales and marketing to all our partners.

Client development
Client development

the Facets model

How we deliver ROI within 6 months

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We’re not your average sales consultants, we’re Facets…
…we’re part of the team

With our future thinking approach, we see no limit to the changes we can make to the industry with our foundation of knowledge and energy.

Focused expertise and a diverse sales and marketing team allow us to be flexible when we need to be, so we can be unconventional, proactive or reactive at the right moments.

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Guy Littlejohn

Having worked in publisher, ad tech, network, SaaS and managed service agency sales for a decade, Guy set up Facets in April 2020 with a view to help UK boutique and start up digital focused businesses grow across all elements of the commercial operation at a price point that suits them. 

0342 Facets Consulting Team 2021 06 07 by Mc Fade

Gary Winter

Head of Sales of a £m MRR British business at 24, Gary has scaled digital focused business through high velocity pipeline development and considered people management for 13 years. He’s improved Facets sales operations since joining in March 2021 and is fundamental to partner growth.


Pete Jarvis

With performance, results driven, marketing at his core, Pete brings marketing experience after working for some well known B2B, B2C, tech and agency businesses. With through-funnel defined strategies across all paid, organic, CRM and social channels, he's completed our commercial output for our partners. 

Sam LJ

Samantha Littlejohn

Our Head of Talent, Sam has over 6 years' experience in Talent and Recruitment. She has always gone from strength to strength building relationships with both candidates and clients. An expert on working multiple priorities - recruiting top talent for Facets and in our clients, Sam is leading Facets' talent to incredible results.


Danielle Bromley

With a 20-year sales remit, she has always been driving commercial revenues from agencies and clients. Her background has given her an excellent grounding in partnership and new business needed by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Deep Johal

Deep Johal

Deep has a 14 year background in sales and business development with a focus within
technology, software and digital sectors. His specialities include deal origination and negotiation as well as partnerships. A heavy hitter, he even has experience in M&A and private equity transactions.

0452 Facets Consulting Team 2021 06 07 by Mc Fade

Alex Bull

Underpinning everything the business does, commercial operations run by Alex are the cogs and the oil in what is an ever expanding pipeline generating machine.  Analytical by nature, the research and prospecting Alex undertakes for our partners is slowly becoming a sellable asset. 

Ed New

Ed Dare

Ed has every personality trait required to be a top commercial leader.  Working all areas of the business and having him positioned effectively across multiple clients will see his knowledge base increase as he learns from working with some of the most unique businesses. 

0183 Facets Team 2021 09 07 by Mc Fade

Amar Samra

Network Agency Sales lead with a wealth of contacts across the major groups, Amar joined Facets with the determination to change the way agency sales is done for technology businesses. 

Matt H

Matt Harrison

Previously Guy's Sales Director, Matt has been scaling global technology businesses as a consultant for many years, building strategy and teams to deliver his vision. Wealth of experience across network agency.


Caroline Bull

With a Master’s in Modern and Contemporary Writing and years of experience crafting copy for a range of industries, Caroline produces all written web content for Facets. She has written across a range of industries and platforms, creating online content for websites, social media, personal branding and blog posts, with a strong focus on SEO.


Four heads of sales are better than one

Facets saw this client advertise for a full time EU Head of Sales on LinkedIn.  After one of the team applied to the role, both businesses quickly understood the possibility working together could bring with Facets beating nearly two hundred other applicants to the role.  Strategic sales consulting will be layered on top of training and supporting a EU Country Management team of eight.  Unlike most sales leaders, Facets demanded a target and will help take the business to the 5x revenue target set for middle of 2022. 

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“The flexibility the Facets model allowed us in terms of access to a wider talent pool and wage savings were vital for a growing tech business finding its way in the market. We're very happy with the initial period of working together and can only imagine ramping up our engagement as time goes on”

Aleks Koha | Founder

Big brand growth for boutique influencer agency

Introduced by a mutual connection, this client wanted big brand results to drive up their MRR.  Facets delivered working with Snag (tights) and Ciate London in a 6 month period on one day per week, bagging some needed PR to boost the profile of this excellent boutique social influencer agency. 

Captivate Influence Prolific North article

“We wanted bigger brands when we started working with Facets and as we expected, their senior level sales directors delivered just that, allowing us room to bring in needed resources internally to free up my time from the delivery side of the business”

Mark Dandy | MD

Development agency kicks off technical SEO service

Having been a successful eCommerce development agency for several years, this client wanted an additional revenue stream and chose Facets to drive its technical SEO division on a part time basis.  Word of mouth and referrals were what drove the development side, so they needed an end to end sales process to develop a side of the business they were not known for. 

Limely Website

“We met Facets as they were working with one of our partners and spoke to one of their team through this relationship. We didn't have cold sales experience, couldn't spend the time with a full time hire and wanted a repeatable sales process developing.  After a slow start, our pipeline is really strong and the process for our technical SEO sales division is repeatable and should become a very strong addition to our business”

Niko Moustoukas | Co-founder

Commercial Division for the agency who relied on not having one

Building up to £1m ARR isn't easy. To do it on reputation and quality of delivery (in the digital marketing world) alone is unheard of. This client had a brief; free up the MDs time and build a commercial division that included sales, partnerships and client development - quietly.  

Marketing Labs Website

"Within three months, working less that half a week, we had our monthly outlay nearly matched by Facets.  The team have followed up on lapsed opportunities, set up commercial partnerships, created time in my dairy as we build a self serving commercial division.  We have more to do but we've made a promising start even before the sales machine starts to grind into action"

Matt Janaway | MD

Integral Part of a technology development business

A wide-ranging eCommerce development business working across large UK clients was looking for support with Sales and Marketing. We grew their revenue through a combination of sales, marketing and talent support, building them a pipeline and team stacked out with work for months in advance.

Foundation Commerce Website

"Facets exceeded all expectations and provided us with a solid sales pipeline that contributed to the growth of the business. They became an integral part providing solutions to multiple areas like sales, marketing and talent that the business required in order to grow"

Ryan Copeland | CEO and Founder