Embedded Talent Solution

Your next superstar employee is out there. We embed a talent specialist that finds the perfect candidates to grow your business. Savvy, empathetic, and opportunistic, they find the stars who aren’t looking to change companies, the ones unhappy where they are, and the overlooked diamonds working for your competitors.

Embed an expert head hunter into your team, without having to commit to an expensive permanent resource.

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You have three options when recruiting for your business

You decide which one suits you best

Business model - Embedded Talent Acquisition

Delivered by - Executive Head Hunter

The modern way to find talent

We are revolutionising the hiring process by embedding our experienced Heads of Talent directly within your business. Our unique approach offers a multitude of benefits that set us apart from traditional recruitment agencies. Experience reduced costs, lightning-fast role fulfilment, and a holistic approach to talent acquisition, all achieved through our shared success model. With us, you gain more than just an external recruiter – you gain a strategic partner who becomes an integral part of your organisation, driving unparalleled results and fueling your growth in the competitive market.

What we deliver

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    Fill Your Role fast

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    End To End recruitment service

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    Go To Market as part of your business


We have tough parameters on candidates and niggly requirements, Facets Talent have cut through everything and we will work with them when we have jobs to fill.


60% fee reduction and placed in two months. Unsure why I would ever use an external recruitment consultant again.


Business Model - DIY

Delivered By - Business Owner / Director

Recruitment is a crucial process for any business as it directly impacts the quality of the workforce and, consequently, the company’s overall success. Having yourself or another director handle recruitment can offer unique benefits such as a deep understanding of the company’s unique needs and culture, and candidates experience a more personal and engaging hiring process. However, you may already have numerous responsibilities and may not have the time or expertise to handle the intricate details of the recruitment process, leading to potential oversights or suboptimal hiring decisions. You also might not have extensive networks or access to passive job seekers, limiting the pool of potential candidates.

What they deliver

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    Commitment to finding the right fit

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    Understanding of business needs

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    Cost effective process

Business Model - Outsourced

Delivered By - A recruitment consultant

Using a recruitment agency to fill your role offers a myriad of advantages that can streamline and enhance the hiring process. These specialised agencies bring their expertise, extensive networks, and in-depth knowledge of the job market to the table, allowing you to access a larger pool of qualified candidates. However, it’s essential to consider that these agencies often serve multiple businesses, including yours, which may result in them forwarding candidate CVs to multiple potential employers when relevant opportunities arise. They may also have a limited understanding of your company’s unique culture and values, leading to mismatches in candidate selection.

What they deliver

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    Large pool of candidates

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    Expertise In recruiting & evaluating candidates

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    Knowledge of the job market

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