Why facets?

There are 4 options to consider when looking to grow your business. Below, we outline the different ways you can do that and how facets is a hybrid of all 3, giving you the best of all worlds.

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You have four options when wanting to grow your business

You decide which one suits you best

Business model - End To End Sales

Delivered by - A senior team

The modern way to get revenue growth

Facets will provide you with everything a full time Commercial team would, just on a part time basis. It is our belief that we have been socially conditioned to believe commercial roles require traditional full time hours.

Research to Revenue is our business model – we run everything for you end to end. Prospecting to IO signed. Facets will work with any other partners/employees you have in place to maximise the business outcomes. Facets demonstrable value will be seen across commercial planning, business development & new client acquisition activities, plus facilitation of beneficial partnership opportunities and developing your existing network.

Over a 12 month period, Facets will solve 6 key business challenges; Commercial plan of action, Revenue Operations, Generating leads/pipeline, Nurturing leads/pipeline, Closing leads/pipeline and hiring the right person.

What we deliver

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    +30k MMR from cold

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    End To End sales and marketing

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    Generate & Close pipeline


Facets has been instrumental in refining our commercial approach, providing strategic guidance and meticulous execution. Their deep industry knowledge and attention to detail have empowered us to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions.


The flexibility of the Facets model has allowed Foundation to attract and close new prospects from multiple angles. The projects have increased our MRR by 80% and we have a projected revenue of £80K. 


Business Model - Internal Hire

Delivered By - Junior / Middleweight

Hiring a business development manager can benefit your business through increased sales, market expansion, and networking. However, will you have to do the strategic planning? Most of our clients consider the cost of failure, they’re at the right size for hiring (and many have a team already) but is the stage of your business right if like most SME business owners, you worry about getting the hire wrong? Lack of clarity on this and existing team competency means most of our clients want it done for them so they can support other areas of the business. Evaluate your needs, resources, and growth objectives to make an informed choice.

What they deliver

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    Dedicated internal resource

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    Long Term commitment

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    Internal collaboration

Business Model - Delivers Strategy Only

Delivered By - A Senior Consultant

Business development consultants are often ex sales directors who work with a few clients every quarter and live a very nice life. They do what we do at the beginning of every client engagement – strategy, go to market, fit to market, assess assets, write the plan down…but then they stop and you have to go to option one or two (hiring or engage a lead gen agency) to activate anything. For us, they never did enough – although they are valuable if you have a larger BD team who maybe need some fine tuning. For our target market, small or no BD teams – they aren’t the right fit, in our opinion.

What they deliver

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    Strategy for you to implement

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    Flexible arrangements

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    External perspective and viewpoint

Business Model - Delivers leads only

Delivered By - Lead Generator

Lead gen agencies come in many shapes and sizes, often promising results through the specific channel they have as their weapon of choice. They are fabulous if you have the time, skills and patience to work with them. Genius and flawed at the same time, we believe they are great for businesses with existing teams, you can manage and nurture the opportunities. We haven’t worked with a business yet who believes they got full advantage of the lead gen model, and thats not the fault of the lead gen agency. They stop at getting a response or booking the meeting, the hardest and longest part is nurturing the client to the meeting and through the various swim lanes in the pipeline to close.

What they deliver

  • Increase leads but don't close

  • Scale depending on your needs

  • Specialist knowledge & resources

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