Fractional Sales Management & Business Development

Are you looking to supercharge your sales efforts without the commitment of a full-time hire? Look no further! Imagine having a dedicated business development expert who brings a wealth of strategic knowledge, industry insights, and a proven track record, all without the expense and overhead of a full-time executive. We are adept at seamlessly integrating into your team, understanding your unique business goals, and driving revenue growth to new heights.

Senior Sales Talent At A Fraction Of The Cost


Sales and Revenue Operations

With a new strategy in place, the right data and tools, sales operations come into their own. We’ve developed a sales ops process that has our clients in awe of its efficiency.


Pipeline Generation

Your embedded commercial director will help you determine the most likely source of prospects. Cold, warm, lapsed, current clients… Email, LinkedIn, Phone, Events… Together we will help you validate the best approach for your business.


Sitting meetings

We will attend the sales meetings with prospects generated by the previous two steps. Your deep knowledge of the business is complemented by our experience guiding the conversation, to help that prospect move along the pipeline.


Closing Revenue

After your Facets team member helps shepherd the deal to closing, they also assist with the transition of the new customer to your operational team.

Our Expert Sales Team


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