How to build an effective sales strategy for your business

Danielle Bromley By Danielle Bromley -

A sales strategy will help you achieve growth. Identify your ideal customer and devise a plan to find them.

“Being Strategic”, sounds quite grand, doesn’t it? For us it’s not so lofty, it’s simply about setting goals and having a well laid out plan.

We like to work to a 3 month or a 90-day plan. Asking yourself what worked well and what didn’t work so well. Own the dips and failings and learn from them. Very few businesses see continued growth time and time again. But, to grow we need to test new ideas and take a risk.

By taking risks, its likely we will have approached things differently and learnt new skills, which of these have we embraced, and carry forward into the next quarter and which have we parked and put away as a learning curve.

At Facets we will be taking the time at the end of quarter to reflect on our activity for all our clients. Commercial growth for each client looks a little different. Income goals tend to be the most common but there are many secondary and tertiary goals that attribute to growth. Each quarter we review and agree goals that are achievable and measurable, the commercial partners can then play in accordingly. This may mean that 3 or more partners are working across a client’s business, but that’s our USP. As individuals we each have our strengths but working collectively, we add more value through our varying skill sets.

We will be mapping out the successes and opportunity and looking for new ways to achieve commercial growth, the future is exciting at Facets Commercial Consulting.

If you’re looking for a quick fix on revenue then there are plenty of options to consider in order to make a quick buck, but if you looking for a commercial strategy that is economically sustainable and resilient then speak to any of commercial partners here at Facets about how we can help you reach your full potential.

Just like you, we too plan for growth and one of those strategies is to work more cohesively with clients across the 4 main pillars of our business. Nobody like to be a busy fool so were limiting the number of clients we work with to ensure that we our delivering a full growth strategy across marketing, partnerships, sales, talent and client development.

It’s so important to consider how your sales strategy fits within the wider business context. Are your Marketing team fully aware of your sales objectives and processes? Is Talent and Human Resources? It shouldn’t be assumed that your sales ideas are fully embedded across your different business areas by default, you might have to put in some work.

This could be holding workshops led by you or your sales team with internal and external stakeholders. Think like an All Hands or similar one off event to explain your objectives, targets and process. It will become a lot more simple for your teams to support you and the sales team if they understand the general direction we are taking in terms of sales objectives.

Selling is skill that is embraced by some and can send others running for hills. Selling a product that is well resourced, marketed and supported by a knowledgeable team is an absolute joy. We aren’t in the business of simply supplying a product, we deliver solutions across a range of business challenges and objectives. The skill in selling comes is to identify the challenge and match the solution.

If your challenge is in knowing how to grow your revenue or your clients base or simply to get your business known – then Facets can help. Since our launch in 2020 we have grown considerably and as we learn and adapt, our clients in turn have grown with us.

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